Casa dei Bambini, Warsaw Montessori School and Montessori Toddler Schools

Casa dei Bambini, Warsaw Montessori School and Montessori Toddler Schools are English speaking Montessori kindergartens, Montessori toddler and elementary school.

In our schools the Montessori teachers/guides work with passion, mission and dedication to follow the child according to the philosophy of Dr. Montessori.

All of our Montessori campuses are child’s centered environments. 

These environments are complete with didactic tools and educational materials (Montessori materials) which promote independence and give the students a hand on experience to learning.

Our Montessori classrooms not only promote independence for each child, but also incorporate respect for the child into every aspect of the environment, no matter the age. 

The role of a teacher (Montessori guide) is to carefully prepare the environment according to children’s needs, present the material and remove himself (herself) from child’s environment so the child could draw the idea incorporated in the material independently.

Montessori groups are mixed ages at all levels of Montessori education. The children are interacting in the environment promoting freedom of choice when it comes to e.g. place where they are going to work (at the table, on the mat, at the nature/science corner etc.) or the material that they are going to start the day with (e.g. reading, writing, pouring rice, embroidering).
All Montessori activities promote concentration, focus and body coordination. Harmony between the brain and the body give the children the best advantages for development at an early age brain and body movement development at an early age. Happy and creative Montessori children are always busy.

Young children naturally absorb information, style and classroom etiquette from the older students. The older students learn to form relationships with younger students and all people based on mutual respect. The older child mentors to the younger child, giving presentations reinforcing his knowledge and practicing skills previously learned.

Montessori classrooms are well designed, esthetic environments, which promoting independence, concentration and child’s natural interests which vary from a 3 year old interested in movements of the earth plates to a 10-year-old who is into Quantum Physics.

Our toddler classrooms prepare the children for Casa dei Bambini level. This study time of 2-3 years, readies the children for the elementary experience. The transition to the elementary program is natural and smooth as the children continue to enjoy their Montessori environment where they can learn naturally. The children do not learn to achieve marks or grades or to satisfy a parent’s expectations, but rather for the sheer joy of learning. Learning, for the Montessori child, is a process according to their natural interest with a smile and passion. This natural process helps to develop the child into a life-long learner who simply loves learning.

Casa dei Bambini, Warsaw Montessori School and Montessori Toddler School are located next to the natural environments of beautiful, green parks. On our playgrounds, we provide designated areas where the children can care for the plants, gardens and animals.  Contact with nature stimulates development. While looking after animals and pets our children learn how to respect living creatures as a part of caring for the animals and pets in our school environments.

On all of our campuses, we celebrate many national and multicultural events. We often invite both international and Polish guest speaker, authors of books, who thanks to their cultural achievements and awareness, are helping our students become “citizens of the world” rich in knowledge about many people and places.

The knowledge and contact with Polish culture (traditions, language and folklore) is as important for us as math or science.  We simply would like to make sure that our Polish students know their roots, know their family traditions and customs are proud of their culture and heritage. Thus, they are able to share this understanding with their friends, our international students

What is a Montessori child?

She/He is a young citizen of the world, happy and independent and on the way will be able to make choices and learn more about the world that surrounds him/her. 
These children are responsible for their own development. They live in harmony with nature and will soon become balanced and happy adults living their lives with respect and tolerance for everyone. 

Our schools

Montessori Toddler School ul. Tatrzańska 5a, 00-742 Warszawa

Montessori Toddler School and Casa dei Bambini Warsaw Montessori

ul. Badowska 19, 00-752 Warszawa

Casa dei Bambini Izabelin Montessori ul. Szkolna 16, 05-080 Izabelin

Warsaw Montessori School

ul. Szwoleżerów 4, 00-464 Warszawa

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our schools

  • Toddlers
    age: 12m - 2,5

    • Montessori Toddler School
      ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
      00-742 Warszawa
    • Montessori Toddler School
      ul. Badowska 19,
      00-752 Warszawa
    age: 2,5 – 5/6

    • Casa dei Bambini Warsaw Montessori
      ul. Badowska 19,
      00-752 Warszawa
    • Casa dei Bambini Izabelin
      ul. Szkolna 16,
      05-080 Izabelin
  • schools
    age: 5/6 – 18

    • Warsaw Montessori School
      ul. Szwoleżerów 4,
      00-464 Warszawa
    • Warsaw Montessori Middle School
      ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
      00-742 Warszawa
    • Warsaw Montessori High School
      ul. Pytlasińskiego 13a,
      00-777 Warszawa
    • Montessori Farm School
      Białka 155,
      21-300 Białka